Friday Fictioneers, “The Mirror…” for 12th September

With nothing in your heart, the memory is all you look back on and, even though you don’t want to, it distorts your mind with glycerine efficiency. Uncompromisingly twisted by truth, you see more clearly than ever before, and it still doesn’t hurt, though every fibre of your being wants it to. The new glass fits perfectly, though. Each segment of it slotting together just as she would have wanted, transparent memories of lost moments, encapsulated  before the cards’ accusing stare, the last wisp of steam gone, the last stain removed, the last moment replaying again and again and again…

As ever, the photo prompt brings up strange images and words from the depths of my mind…


I have had a little play and edited this slightly, trying to add in some clarity.

I offer this as an ‘alternative’ version and hope it’s okay!

12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers, “The Mirror…” for 12th September

  1. Kingsley, your opening line, “With nothing in your heart, the memory is all you look back on,” makes me feel that there’s emptiness and loss in your story, but after that, I’m the one completely lost. I’m not sure where the cards come from or even what they are and I don’t know how “she” fits into the whole thing. What am I missing?


    • Hiya! You’re not missing things, I’ve hidden them… sort of! You have a man, numb with loss, piecing together a memory: hot bath, steam, anniversary cards, broken window, glass, cleaning up stains… and replaying the image in his mind. Might I have been too oblique? 🙂

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