Magpie Tales 234: Captured Moments


Captured moments,

pigmented fragments of thought coalesce,


irresistible to one another

through force of will,

yet they resist the patterned constraint of canvas,

as it is not enough for this imagination.

The bleak space in his Art screams for




as the insatiable night devours:

fevered thoughts, paint, hope, Truth, breath,

life, sex, being, soul, palette and brush,

until there is nothing left, save the stars

and a fevered ache of spent passion, now dissipated.

So he rests.

Not justified, and certainly not satisfied,

but, ultimately, he is pacified

by release’s comforting place.

His canvas is the sky,

she, his Earth,

and the tension between them both,

is where he stands.


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22 thoughts on “Magpie Tales 234: Captured Moments

  1. Image scintillating, and you worked it well.
    In fact…you pushed to the limit descriptions
    of any artist who is never satisfied
    Liked your take on this…much!

  2. This is so exquisitely written. I absolutely love this, especially “constraint of canvas” and the way you used repetition and line length to create a feeling of poetic crescendo, climax, and afterglow.

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