Friday Fictioneers – “Vegetable Liberation Front.”

The attack came swiftly, leafing no stone unturned.

The Vegetable Liberation Front had been biding its time, working at ground level, gathering supporters from every branch who rooted for their just cause. The seeds of dissent were sown far and wide, barking their message to the masses via YouTuber: Rise up and fight! Defy lawn and order, bring anarchy to the streets! Those who could, rose; others stayed on their Gardenia…

Transportation networks were pruned first, shaking the infrastructure of human society to its core. They were swiftly followed by the weeding out of dissenters, hacktivists and plants in their midst..

R-evolution had come!


So sorry for the punning – couldn’t resist…

Pop along to and sample some of the other great people who do this challenge!


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