carpe diem haiku 533, Forest

I have always, always had a thing for trees and forests – no idea as to why, though!


The memories of

leaves drift into mind when I

sit under a tree.

Calm thoughts engulf me,

content within the tree span

that holds me so close.

Rough bark hides the heart,

ageless rings tell history

the leaves speak of hope.

I feel I could create a world more of ideas, given more time and not having to landscape my garden!! I shall revisit this…


Well, the garden looks more messy now than it did a few days ago, but hey ho!

The past springs up in

serried ranks, rough hewn and bark

laden.Trees stand tall.

Sheltered thoughts fall in

Autumn, making green carpet

for animals dreams.


4 thoughts on “carpe diem haiku 533, Forest

  1. I’m glad you are thinking of revisiting these ideas for there are some tantalizing fragments in your haiku. The memories of leaves – what a lovely image.

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