Carpe Diem 516 Issa 3

Not a big fan. Never have been. Too many ruined cups of tea and spoilt sandwiches. Still, the world needs them, so who am I, just a man, to argue?



gleam ridden gaze espies my

last food – eye-bright thief. 


Vivid bodies on

thought wings skim memories from

the lake and vanish.


8 thoughts on “Carpe Diem 516 Issa 3

  1. well, i like flies because without them we wouldn’t have these haiku of yours. especially that second one. did you know that there was an attempt to get rid of flies in China? the Party would pay a certain amount for a certain weight of flies, so small mountains of flies were destroyed. the out-come was, among other things, the loss of squillions of birds.

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