VisDare 65 – Virtuoso’s in Retirement…

Having a little riffing around with the World Cup idea here, and the fact that children all over the world will be exchanging stickers and comments about footballers day and night. Wondered what it might be like in a post war, pre cold war setting… Do please google the names btw, all are real people!


Shafts of memory splintered themselves down the outsides of the stucco painted houses, each finger of light exaggerating the history behind it in the same way that those who sat behind the cool shuttered windows exaggerated the darkness of their lives in order to provide meaning in the twilight of their years. Watered down wine, false teeth lies and an old record player provided entertainment in the evening’s sun.

Outside, lower aspirations considered more immediate needs.

“No way. In a straight run, Mehuhin would own De Vito. Look, outside of Europe, who’s heard of her? No one.”

“Really? Are you serious? Spivakosky. Greatest in the 20th century. Prodigy, I’ll give you that, but Tossy kicked it hard and fast. Unbeatable.”

There was a snort of derision. Both boys looked up at their elder brother. He smiled.

“One word:  Paganini. Now, shut up and listen to the oldies records.”

Thus the evening cooled and the conversation heated up.


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