Writing 101, Day 6 – A character Study


Just a brief encounter (!) as I’ve filled in three reports this evening and I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone my brain functioning. In fact, I’ve just rubbed my eyes with one hand whilst typing with the other, my fingers dancing over the keys like raindrops. Sheesh! How tired am I!?!


There was time when she didn’t exist, when her breathing was no more than movement, and her movements themselves were spasms and sub-conscious desires made liquid flesh, buried as they were under paroxysms of pain and swearing.

She swam in other people’s dreams, translucent and un-named, hovering on the periphery of their conversations in the same way that she would soon dominate them, and she knew nothing of this, save that she was warm and safe and potential incarnate.

With a voracious appetite for life, she chose when to tear free of her restrictions and take matters into her own hands, screaming indignation and bloody salutation to any who heard her; and hear her, they did.

They had no choice. Babies are noisy little whatnots, after all!

4 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day 6 – A character Study

  1. Nicely done. I’m a bit disappointed that you had to rush through this one. Still, I can’t decide if I actually wish for more or if the greatness of this piece is in the brevity. These words were truly enough to tell the story you set out to. I shall have to stop by again to get more of a fix.

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