Visdare 64 – Drunken Philosophy

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I am on a journey, internally and externally, seeking that which I cannot find from those that surround me with the dross of their lives and the mediocrity of their existences. This is my lot, my Eldorado quest – to find the solace that only those who are enlightened can experience and then, by ritual and circumstance, pass on my divine guidance to them. This is a path few have trod, few have understood and even fewer have attained. I shall be one of them, I shall attain, I shall become! Yes, I shall become!

Elkie sighed and mopped up the whiskey for the fifth time, flicking the paper boat into the ash filled bin she was holding at arms length.

“Bill, Derek’s out of it again and spouting total crud…”

“Uh shudd bekkom…”

I shall become!!


9 thoughts on “Visdare 64 – Drunken Philosophy

  1. Would love to know the larger context behind this – Derek’s vision and Elkie’s disdain need so much more air time! Glad you took another plunge with the VisDare family. Are you on Twitter at all? I went to give you a shout-out with some of my other VisDare gurus and couldn’t find you. *sad face* 😦

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