Bridport prize – Update



Why do revisions absolutely kill me to do?!?!

What is it about the editing process that becomes so amazingly painful, the further it goes along? I can’t quite put my finger on it, just in case it bites back, but there is something in the process that is excruciatingly painful, and not a little….destructive?!?

I realise that in order to create, we must first destroy – (gotta throw in a little philosophy once in a while!) – and in that time honoured process we thereby create the genius that our hearts desire, but COME ON!!! It still hurts! This is the process:

1) I create soul-enhancing, life affirming GENIUS and commit it to the page.

2) I worry my guts out that it isn’t any good, then my Ego kicks in and I’m back to believing the ‘Tortured Genius’ schtick.

3) I then look at it with fresh eyes, totally hate it, feel like eviscerating it and cannot believe how bad it is.

4) Genius returns, Ego gets rebooted – editing begins.

5) I return to step one and begin to make ‘wibble wibble’ noises out loud.


So, in short:

Hi guys, I’m editing my poem entry for the Bridport Prize. Just thought I’d share.

Be seeing you!


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