Visdare 63 – Immured

A new one for me – and hopefully one I can find the time to contribute to regularly! I was searching for some kind of weekly ‘photo’ challenge – not that I consider myself a photographer, more a dabbler! – and I found this contortion picture pop up in my reader. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Her heartbeat slows, circadian versus cardio, tranquillity versus skittering synaptic chaos: life dancing with death. The fear in her eyes vanishes as the curtains are pulled and she becomes objectified yet again, such as Woman has since Eve’s blame.

She forces herself to be calm, claiming the claustrophobia that encases and the cramp that dances irony across her soles in hot waves, as hers and hers alone, owned by her and none other.

The word ‘Passion’ obscures her view as the lights encroach on her nakedness, turning her humanity into vulgarity. She refuses to cry and, instead, challenges those who mock to look deep inside themselves, to refute what they know to be false and embrace who they truly are, who they could be, were they not scared.

Her thoughts become smog thick and dull, as the oxygen depletes and her defiance rises once more. ‘I love, you my Gwendoline!’

Getting a bit annoyed at the human race’s hypocrisy here – soz!

7 thoughts on “Visdare 63 – Immured

  1. first, i like that you envisioned that it said passion instead of poison…and her challenging them to look inside themselves…i feel you on the hypocrisy as well….

  2. Oh yes, this speaks volumes. Objectification in the name of ‘love’ is criminal. The onward ramifications are immeasurable, are they not. Thank you for writing this, and don’t apologise for being annoyed by hypocrisy. If we don’t speak up and out, the assumption is that such behaviour is acceptable.

  3. Powerful commentary here, especially in light of recent debates on the topic of humanity dignity, especially as it pertains to women. Masterfully done. Hope to see more VisDares from you in the future — so glad you found the VisDare family and made it your own!

    • Thank you – I can’t wait to create more, as the pictures here are very inspiring! Women’s issues are very important to me, even as a man, and need lifting into the spotlight more often.

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