Literature in Society – a snippet.


I’m a reader, big time.

I’m an outed book hoarder, and total biblionut. Have been for years.

Let’s face it, there are not enough shelves, virtual or real, to house all the books that anyone who loves reading would want. To live is to read, and to read, live. Someone might have said that, or it might have been me; doesn’t matter, the point is, Literature rocks! All of it! (Well, except for the crappy stuff: that should get buried![inner snob creeping out!])

So, I probably should also mention that I am a Junior School Teacher, working all the hours that get sent out by email, to try and make a whole bunch of children I will never have the privilege of seeing grow up, become better people who understand the world and want to make it a better place.

That’s why facile comments such as Mr. Gove’s are so irritating – (never met him, probably a really nice bloke, just got some seriously skewed views) – and damaging. I seem to remember being told by my Gran that we learn from the past so that we do not repeat the mistakes of it, and that an open mind is worth the world.

Hate closed minds; personal thing. Grr…

So, why would he want to remove such powerful texts that argue issues harder than Hunter S Thompson at a traffic light? What are they going to be replaced by? Sorry: suggested to be replaced by? The uniquely oblique British press is having a field day with hyperbole at the moment, quoting vitriol left right and centre, but I cannot find anything concrete being touted as fact by anyone out there who is commenting. There are suggestions galore, but nothing definite.

Great way to annoy academia though, if you think about it. Say something, get it quoted out of context, get the Virtualities, (a bit like principalities, but not actually real and a bit less Welsh), and sit back to watch the publicity machine go into overdrive.

It seems to me that the UK is rapidly becoming a country of revisionist tendencies. That’s not doubleplusgood in my opinion.

Great literature reflects, distils and smashes the crap out of society, holds it up to the light for scrutiny and then shakes it down to get answers. Like Confucious said, via my Gran : Study the past if you would define the future. 

I wonder if she had him over for tea one day?

I think Ray Bradbury had a very clear pair of glasses on during the months he wrote  Farenheight 451.




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