Friday Fictioneers – 23 5 14

Friday Fictioneers Rules.


Here is the rather wonderful photo prompt for this week. Absolutely beautiful! Don’t forget to pop over to and have a go!

The gaze of her eyes reminds me of the deep thoughts in her heart, and I feel them connect to mine across the warmth of the new day. This was always our place, irrespective of the passersby and the traffic.

I see her stare; my hands holding her face and I cannot suppress a tear at the welling up of love in my heart with her joy she gives me every day.

“I love you, my most beautiful Angel.”

I place the wreath down on the fence, kiss her picture, and head off to work once more, alone.



18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – 23 5 14

  1. Very sweet and sad. I’m not sure about the two ‘at’s in the second paragraph though (there’s three actually but the last two are the ones I’m referring to) – I think it makes the sentence a bit clunky to read. Do you see what I mean?

  2. When I see the way people drive, I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents and memorials like this. If only people would think when they see one of these, that they should tend to their driving, it might do more good. Your story is touching and sad. I would hope that he can mourn, remember and yet move on with his life so that two lives aren’t lost. (Isn’t it odd that we comment on stories as if they’re real?) 🙂


    • I always feel that stories bring out truths in our lives, and that we as readers are living those situations, no matter the format or genre. Words are pretty amazing things!! We have a notorious ‘Link Road’ in Devon, UK, that has more than its fair share of accidents attributed to it. 😦

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