Ignorance stole the Young

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I saw a massively offensive post arrive on my Facebook wall and needed to pseudo-cryptically get something off my chest!


Ignorance stole the Young one day,

we weren’t paying attention,

we looked the other way.


It crept in through a comments box:

between the spam and mail, and

it somehow got lost


by us, but Youth found it; they always do.

Turned it into a cause celebre,

lies incarnate, a tweet or two.


Then a face slap, cigarette burn,

the same old hatreds

have yet again returned


to our new, fresh world, unsullied

by restraint and bbm-ed to all

by the phones buried


intent. Thoughts we don’t share,

but never removed from our history,

where no one ever cared.


They call it the Norm, a status of quo,

where the same hates are different

and new, though born years ago.


A fresh upgrade of pasts, foolishly posted

unaware of the consequence.

Until votes must be counted


and then we realise, much to our cost

that ignorances strength

has beaten us – we lost.


We didn’t compete with the sly infiltrate,

the corruption in playgrounds,

the secondary school gates.


We missed the  blind racist comments,

the homo piss takes, mock rapes

as jokes, with each word intended


to destroy, and provoke us to inaction,

with no learning curve.

The ignorant factions


are our everyday: in the stink of pubs

and staffroom, streets, bus stops

we’ve learned to extol the casual snub.


We humiliate, persecute, blame and decry

the human potential  inside us

we make it curl, wither, die.


Ignorance stole the Young one day,

we weren’t paying attention,

we just gave them away.



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