Friday Fictioneers 16.5.14

No, it’s not Attack of the mutant goat-fiends from Hades – It’s Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the fabulous

The call went out to the flock, the message from the pastor spreading like the word of God: judgement was coming. The police were leaving town.

None dared arrive late – his ruminations on life were rammed into all comers, his knowledge of the pasture-life unsurpassed. The crowd flocked to him, fleecing one another for tickets until it was standing room only in his field.

“Sisters and Brothers –ewe know, I see a baaaad day before us! I see flames a-risin’! I see spoons a-bastin’…! I see mint sauce a-comin’!”

This Sunday, was going to be very different in town…



6 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 16.5.14

  1. Kingsley, Cute story. If the crowd was sheep, they’re in trouble. If it was people, the church is going to hold a fundraising banquet. The only thing bad about it might be indigestion from overeating. 😦 Well done (the story and the cooking). 🙂 —Susan

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