What I’ve seen, and don’t believe…

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I’ve seen pain drawn from a mothers heart,

by the careless mouth of her child, and


I’ve seen forgiveness disowned like texts,

in the depths of pointless denial.


I’ve seen Love pissed, frittered away,

currency sold as credit to pay, and


I’ve known joy weep, defiant in loss,

by the dross who jeered at her like fools.


But for all this pain, this pointless façade,

I spit at it all, and turn away:


I look to the sides on my right and my left,

and I grab hold of this warp and weave it to weft;


I take this thread, this social disease

and discard the cheap,

the creeping unease.

The pointless inanity

of keyboard commands

that prey on the helpless

with endless demands,

and I throw it away,

winnowed; and new

seeds of Hope I place

in the ground

for future generations:

I hope they are found.


So I breathe in my soul


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