Friday Fictioneers 2. 5. 14 “Tears that mean nothing”

Friday Fictioneers Rules.

This is the new Logo – love it!

This is the prompt:

I’ve gone with a slightly Joycean angle here – what do you think? 


The melted hours reminded no one of everything that hadn’t happened.

Fingers of the dead crept back to their grave, crawling over coffinwood that was reclaimed from another’s resting place. The forgetting of truth and the death of honesty lay in the golden cradle, Yggdrasil reaching to the pagan virtue that was left smouldering above, the firmament walling in the hurt with plaster and lathe crucifixes.

No one gives a candle to the dead any more, to the burned out soul, to the needy. How much we forget in the space of so little time.

The unquiet dead are ours.


Be seeing you!


9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 2. 5. 14 “Tears that mean nothing”

  1. I don’t know Joyce well enough to comment on that angle, but this has a mythical feel to it, meaning obscured slightly but with a creepy edge to it. As for the new logo, I’m glad you like it.


  2. The rhythm and the imagery in this piece are incredibly compelling. As Janet said, I don’t know enough about Joyce to comment on that angle. Love the reference to Yggdrasil.

  3. As someone who struggled through Joyce in high school, I have to say I prefer your take on life and death. Very strong images and powerful word choices…well done!

  4. I’m slightly hungover this morning, and although the words float beautifully around in my head, some of the meaning eludes me. I might try again when I’m a little less groggy! I’ve never read Joyce, but I would probably have the same problem there. I’m a simple soul!

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