National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo)

First things first: I love poetry.

I always have and I really don’t know why, but there is an irresistible pull from my heart to those cleverly formed, oh-so-exquisite bursts of synaptic cohesion. Love it! I can even deal with the trite, commercialised poems that tend to get trotted out as verse for children these days.

I have no idea who called poetry ‘The best words in the best order’, but I’ve got to agree with them. There are so many amazing verses of genius out there, I can’t even begin to think of a good place to start! The Highwayman, Noyes? Tarantella, Belloc? Ancient Mariner, Coleridge? I get shivers thinking of the way those make me feel with their words. So damned cool!!

Anyway, I’d thought I would give it a go and create something of my own…

Going a little bit crazy headed Beat Poet here, I think!

She sits there waiting in vain.
The simple patterns of rain
fall down the pane of her
heart and she
drifts apart inside,

Hmm. Interesting!

And this is from the past, looking back at some lonelier moments…

In the deep well of my
heart is a stone,
amongst pitted clay.

My heart can sink
No lower,
Nor any faster,
Now that there is no you.

I’m no Heaney, but I’d love to get better at my poetry.
I think I tend to write quite poetically at times, so I know that’s an area of my writing I’d like to develop and learn more about. If anyone has suggestions for a place I could visit and learn from, do contact me and let me know!

Be seeing you!


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