Blogging 201, Branding and Growth: Day 1

This is an experiment in discipline and focus, not just to find the time to sit down everyday and complete the assignments I am being given, but also to find sustained focus within myself to enjoy completing tasks on time – I procrastinate like crazy! (Well, I call it focussing my attention on matters of equal importance, but wonderful wife says otherwise. Meh…)

I love reading, I love writing. I always have, since I was three or four. I typed my first story, one whole sheet of A4 paper, when I was six or seven. It featured a blob alien and no human characters. (Psychologists, back off!!)

I started this blog to find an outlet for my creative side beyond the endless sheets of A4 paper and post it notes – an envelope can only go so far! I think I have a stack of ideas, notes and stories that can fill a good sized box. We’re talking 30 years worth of ideas here!

So, what do I wish to achieve with this blog?

Three concrete goals:

1) I want to create a focused, clear blog that has direction to it;

2) I want to use my blog to expand my creativity and gain attention for my writing;

3) I want to have my stories published and make a living from them. (Lucky no one else wants to do that, eh? Ssh! Don’t tell anyone!)


How many ‘I wants’ ?!?! Clearly I am in a very needy space right now and need nurturing in some way…

So, having written that down and created a modicum of clarity, I think that some embryonic thoughts are bubbling away at the back of my synapses in regard to the focal stimuli. Let’s see what happens!

Be seeing you!


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