Beautiful Youth

Youth sits, coffee in hand, wifi enabled and socially disabled, informing the world of nothing with the twitch of a thumb.

Youth knows, as they always have done since the Vedas were first written, that their thoughts are more real than that of this world; for – as they alone know – this world is mere facade, brought about by the illusion of flesh and the billion-fold vibrations of atoms that Science has proved only provides input and stimuli to a brain that is, at best, a transient visitor to this earthly veil.

This knowledge, mistaken by many as arrogance, foolishness and stupidity, has confounded many over the years, and has done little to increase the currency that Youth trades in with the elders of the planet. They, who have studied so hard and so long the ancient texts, have experienced life in all its myriad forms are, ironically, not as advanced as Youth in this world.

One souls study is another’s insight.


Lol! No idea where this one is going, but having fun playing around with the sarcastic / annoyed / cheeky tone. There’s more to run here, just not right now!

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