Friday Fictioneers – Feathered Lines


Hello Friday Fictioneers!

I’ve been away for quite a while – not much in Biblical terms, but plenty in Earthly ones – and I’m hoping to become a slightly more permanent virtual resident in the Blogosphere, if I can keep it up.

I think I’m blaming my amazing wife, my soulmate, and Amanda Palmer for the inspiration / motivation, more than my own innate discipline…!


Here we go…


Feathered lines, white and evenly spaced, catch the watery rays of early morning daylight and reflect them into nearby windows, reminding passersby of an evening’s debauchery and an afternoon’s preparation.

The bunting radiates out from the highest of spires to the lowest of cobbles, spreading communal hope to all who glance up with a mind to break from the mundane, the inane, the everyday and choose to remember the evening as it was before: glorious, technicolour, resplendent.

Echoes of the festival still abound in the streets, resting in the tune of the street cleaners and the urchin’s playful laughter.


Well, there we go guys – all criticisms gratefully received!


23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Feathered Lines

  1. My first thought for my own story was a morning after type tale, you’ve really captured that feel in this description. Very poetic. I particularly liked the spires / cobbles line.
    As for concrit, I think multiple urchins (and therefore s’) are what I imagine, or failing that “an urchin’s” instead of the.

  2. A perfect morning after tale – I love the urchin’s playful laughter, and I’m not sure that it matters whether it’s one urchin or several – I can hear the laughter echoing through the empty streets.

  3. There was a use of description that brought the scene alive. The fact that it was quiet except for a few people the morning after tells me that most people are sleeping in, or “sleeping it off” to be more exact. Good story and well written.

  4. Wow – the HANGOVER – forever remembered by everyone that has lived through “The morning after the night before” which is usually quite a lot of fun – less now that I’m older. Good story! Nan 🙂

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