Friday Fictioneers – on a Saturday! 8/6/13


Gotta get me some clear time to post my ideas on a reg-lee-ar basis – too much of reality is creeping into the virtual me!



As always, writers are encouraged to be as innovative as possible with the prompt and 100 word constraints. 

Henry David Thoreau said it best.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”



Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.




“Phineas, really! It does what with its nose?” The tone of disbelief rang out clearly in Charles’ voice, the words clear, crisp and incredulous.

“Well, as I said Mr Darwin, we are not sure of the species per se, but as you are interested in this Evolution theory…”

“Creator. This exists: fact. However, what is not understood, by neither me nor my colleagues, is just how. It beggars not only belief but impoverishes science as well, although it is…intriguing… and I would like to… investigate further, shall we say? How much?”


Barnum smiled. Englishmen were so easy to hook…


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