Ligo Haibun – Peace, 13/04/2013

A very appropriate, (IMHO), challenge this week from those great folks at the Ligo Haibun blog: Peace.

Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves.” A quote by William Hazlittm found by Nightlake.

The haībun format here for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is as follows

A paragraph (more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences) in prose form


  • the haiku/collection of haiku related to the text to close. The haiku should be as authentic as possible, with therefore no syllable count, no capitals or full stop, all ideally making 220 word max.

The day Connor discovered that the news reports on television were just a larger version of what was happening inside his flat, was the day his life suddenly made sense.

The flashes inside his skull were just the same as the flares that illuminated the devastation across the different countries landscapes; the shouting of people and reporters was quieter than the swearing he normally endured, but just as vicious in intent, and the bruising on his arms wasn’t as bad as the beatings with sticks he saw, but it still hurt to hide them in PE lessons and from enquiring teachers.

One of the things he didn’t quite get was why no one was helping him, because people did get help all the time on screen.

The children on the screen were dusty and crying, but at least they had people around them to comfort or turn to, even if it were a soldier. The people he turned to were the ones that hurt him, and that wasn’t right. In fact, it was only when the police broke down the door to the flat and took his broken body to the hospital did he finally understand the meaning of the strangest word that was spoken the most by people and used the least: Peace.

conflict’s desperation

seen through innocence

creates humanities woe

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