I’ve been nominated!

I’m fairly new to the Blogosphere, so am a little at odds and ends when it comes to not only the sheer volume of material that is out there to read and appreciate, but the variety that it contains – it’s like the melting pot of the human mind and I can lose hours just surfing and absorbing – ’tis a cool and amazing thing!!

So, you can imagine my own amazement and joy when I discovered that I have been nominated as an inspiring blogger by the wonderful Marisa D. Lyon at http://fate423.wordpress.com! Me!! Eek! All I can say is a mahoosive thank you reading and secondly enjoying the little tidbits I pop out here infrequently.

I wish I could find the time to create more for out here, as I am a complete book nut and love writing. The only trouble is my job – of which more later! – more than impinges on my recreational time and by the time I’m through with it, I’ve barely gotten the strength to make a cup of tea, let alone create volumes of prose!

So here is my first ever award!


I think I might need to redecorate a little in here to accommodate it more effectively – my wife is the designer, I’m the go-fer!

Now, the rules for this award are as follows:

~Display the award logo. Mmmm, preettyyy…

~Link back to the person who nominated you (The AMAZING Marisa D Lyon – seriously, read and enjoy – it’s varied, interesting and great to think about. I like that! :) )

~ State seven things about yourself. You mean, polite things?!?

~Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them (I’ll do what I can and may well add to this list as I discover more – quality over quantity, people!)

Well, here are my seven things…

1) I am married to the most amazingly talented woman in the world – (Bias is not a word in my dictionary! lol) – who I have the fortune to not only call my best friend, also work with and get to take home every night. This is pure joy and no mistake for both of us. I realise that the whole idea of working with / living with the same person every day might drive a few people into Cabin Fever territory, but it suits us down to the ground and back up again. True Love is what we call it, for neither one of us have felt such a connection in anyone we have know before, only one another. We even had a Vintage Goth wedding in Black and Red at a local Mansion house. Second best day of my life, next to meeting my beautiful Helen. She also makes the most stunning Artist Teddy bears: http://buttonmeadowbears.wix.com/buttonmeadowbears Prepare to go ahhh!!

2) I am a musician, lapsed.

Which sucks in actual fact, but time will come around again when I will be able to play more to satisfy my creative Soul. I play the clarinet, piano, bodhran, guitar (acoustic / electric) and can sing pretty decent harmony vox. I’ve always been into music, ever since I was about three or four. In point of fact, I used to be lulled asleep, if that is the correct word, by the sounds of a 33 1/3 LP playing ‘American Patrol’ by Glenn Miller. It was on a portable record player, the kind that smells like vinyl used to and could stack discs up ten high like pancakes you see in the movies. I took up the clarinet at the age of 8 1/2, and got my grade 5 by the time I was 11 years old. Then I got bored, ditched it, took up the piano, then slid inexorably into rock and roll oblivion with the discovery of the electric guitar and 70’s classic rock / 80’s heavy metal. Yes, I could shred…and my hair proved it!!

There’s something unmistakably cool about being in a band when everything syncs in with one another and you are lost in the music…

3) I also write.

Well, duh, this is a blog after all, but yes, I write. I am fascinated to the daftest degree with the nuances of language and the semantics it throws up. I’d love to get some time to do my Masters degree and study Language / Literature more deeply than I can glean from meaningful book-worming.

I have written TV scripts (nearly broadcast – Dr Who, mid 80’s, just before it was cancelled – talk about timing!)

I have written plays (fringe theatre, not pretty!)

I have written novels (Farming out to agents and just waiting for rejection letter 2000 to drop on the mat!)

I have written poetry (On the kindle scheme: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Step-Parent-Poetry-ebook/dp/B00906RJFO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363902708&sr=8-1 Go on, have a look!)

4) I am a teacher, and spend my life caring for other people’s children in a vain attempt to make this world a better place by instilling in them a love for life and the joy of thinking and exploring. That’s also where I met my wife!

5) I loathe living in the city and if I could escape back to the countryside where I belong, both my lovely wife and I would be over-the-moon happy!

6) I love the outdoors and garden whenever possible.  I just need a plot of land about 10-12 acres wide to create the garden of my Wife’s dreams and then open it to the National Garden Scheme. From there, I will design gardens for the Chelsea flower show and then outstrip Jekka McVicar for the number of gold medals won. (Shyeah, right!)

7) I live in England, in a city called Plymouth. It’s where the Pilgrim Fathers went for a sail one Sunday and got a bit lost!

15 Blogs will be on their way – My sugar level is loooww and I need to sleep!

This has been great fun writing – thank you for reading!


15 Blogs (ish)

It’s like 13 Ghosts, but without the scary stuff…








2 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated!

  1. Thanks for the nomination 🙂
    I’m intrigued by the Doctor Who script – we’re all big fans in my household – and us ancient ones remember the old Doctor’s (not all of them, though, we’re not that old!).

    • Ah, the joy that is ‘New Who!’ My script was for Sylvester McCoy + Sophie Aldred (Ace) back in ’86/’87. Just as it got cancelled! Andrew Cartmel was the kind gentleman who informed me of the shows demise…lol

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