Picture it and Write – Visualisation

I have finally managed to locate that oh-so-elusive animal called TIME and have spent a very pleasant hour or so in its company by drinking dwindling tea and filling my head with lovely writing. 

I hope I get the gist of the Picture it and Write prompt and submission correct; if not, mea culpa! 

Picture image here:



The blank page of her mind spread infinitely wide as she stilled her breathing, ragged and determined as it was in her chest.

She allowed it – really, allowed it? Who was she kidding? –  to slowly settle, centring her consciousness deep into the knot that was her stomach, before exhaling and releasing her heartbeat into the white that was her hope. She drew down the light behind her eyes, allowing it to cascade and flood inside her, riding the stuttering thoughts, sparkling, until they began to ease and settle into one clear direction. 

The breath ebbed and flowed, the control gentled itself back into her system and she could begin to visualise her goal. Peaks and troughs were smoothed out until her thoughts within became fluid, time became irrelevant and all she could feel was her moment, infinite in its complacency, stretching before her, detached from all without.

Still, complete, at one with herself, she created her pain and gave it form, moulding the limbs and intent behind them with skill. No detail was left out, no follicle or fallacy, all had to be present for the cleansing to work…

…then she could remove him from her life for the last time.

A smile flickered on the corner of her lips, and she felt a little bit of her old self return at last…

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