Friday Fictioneers 15.2.13

Well, one bout of Norovirus later and I can finally get my ideas onto the page…


Visualise the pain.

I… I…

Give it context.

…It’s too… close, it …it…

Sublimate your self into it.

…can’t… I can’t… he… he’s…hur-hurting…

He can’t hurt you any more, he’s gone…

…no he hasn’t…

The past was a narrative of deception which she knew well, for it was recreated every day inside her mind, just before facing the conflict daylight caused against the much needed, curtain-shielded safety. Her scars told no lies and and the three good things a night she jotted down did little to assuage her feelings, though she believed none of her ramblings.

Stretching out for help was becoming harder, but the tears were coming easier and she still didn’t know why.


11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 15.2.13

  1. I liked this – it was unusual and made me think – in fact it made my brain hurt a little (it’s Sunday morning!). It was an interesting format to use – with two sides of the conversation on two sides of the page.
    If I was going to be picky, I’d say that the first sentence of the final paragraph was a little cumbersome (esp: just before facing the conflict daylight caused against much needed curtain-shielded safety) . But it was all interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

    • Picky is good – critique in the proper sense is all about growth and that’s why we’re doing this! I had to edit very harshly this one, so might I have gone a little OTT? Not sure! lol

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