Friday Fictioneers 1.2.13

There is no departure lounge in this heart.

Rays of melted warmth may trickle through the terrorist-toughened glass, and seep into my coffee enhanced fingertips as they drum patiently on the panes, but they cannot beat the internal glow I feel at my love’s arrival after this eternal year apart.

Nothing can stop the reunification of our souls. Though the distance might have been infernal and circumstances divisive, we have both waited too long for these moments to become flickering, brief seconds of denial before years of hope return once again and my hand clenches on thin air no more.

42 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 1.2.13

  1. There is no departure lounge in this heart. Yes.
    my coffee enhanced fingertips. Double Yes, suggests prolonged waiting.
    drum patiently … beat …internal glow. Triple yes, ‘drum beat’ suggests ‘heart beat’.

  2. Man that first line is a killer. Oh my goodness what powerful prose. I hate to say but it the rest of your story doesn’t pack as good a punch. I get that we’re counting down the moments to that first hug/kiss/touch, but honestly that first line was just too amazing.

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