Positivity – it’s all in the mind!

Ah, the mindset. A bit like tennis in the synapses without someone shouting at you for each ball being shunted backwards and forwards across court. (Grunting optional!)

I posted a smidgeon back about the pointlessness in good / evil and the ‘meh’ attitude of society. ‘Meh’ sums up quite nicely the way far too many people feel about their lives and the way that they are going:

Had a good day? Meh, Not bad, you?’

See what I mean? How many conversations have we generated like that in the last 48 hours? Last week? How much of our lives turns out to be inconsequential in the Grand Scheme of Things? Have we have misplaced the focus of it, life, upon the pointless, the mundane?

I guess I’m saying, ‘How many items of consequence have we spoken about recently? How much of import? How do you define your terms for importance in your life? What criteria are you, consciously or sub-consciously, working towards?

Our lives are defined in many ways: people, places, situations, habits, fears, loves, passions, hates, growth… The list is – like life – endless in its variations, and that is a good thing, but how much of it that we encounter is actually of consequence to us?

Of these variations, how many do we allow to define us as individuals? Be that definition positive or negative, how much of it belongs to us and is owned by us, and how much of it is transitory? How much of it really holds meaning for us and how much of it is merely passing through, a moment of inconsequence and then gone?

I would hazard a guess and say that, for a large majority of people –  and certainly not you, dear reader! –  they don’t even notice the passing of these moments, definitions, let alone acknowledge them as important or otherwise. Are these too subtle?

Perhaps we are too wrapped up in the bustle of life to notice; who can be blamed for that? This is one crazy world, but we should really stop and notice the smaller, important things, instead of the mundane, media circus we get dragged into every day.

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