Is there an inherent pointlessness in being good / bad?

I’ve seen the lists, naughty AND nice… Humanity’s not on it. Darn…

Why should we be either?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – fundamental law of da One-iverse – and for every good deed done there must be – quantum mechanics working over time – an equal and opposite bad deed to balance it out.

We live in a quantum world.

We are affected by a Quantum Universe.

We affect a Quantum universe, as it permeates our every being.

At best then, being good can only maintain a balance in the cosmos / on the Earth, it cannot tip the scales into a more positive way of being, any more than being ‘naughty’ can tip the scales the other way, into negative.

All things being equal – and they’re not, but that’s a concept for another time – is the best way to survive this plane of existence just to maintain the middle ground and have an absence of good and evil in our lives? Tread the waters of life with no thought for others save self. I wonder what kind of vacuum would that create in a soul? The Overwhelming Apathy of Life. Does this vacuum already exist and we just don’t know about it, so inured are we to the everyday tirade of pain we witness through the news and feeds. (And why is it a feed? What kind of hunger do we have that requires us to be fed information so regularly? What are we afraid to miss out upon?!) 

Why don’t we get bothered by things any more? Is there a ‘meh’ mentality that is overwhelming the world?

If so, then that would explain the mire we seem to be bogged down in as a species. Why have we so many who are lost and retreat into their own selves? Is it a generational thing?!?

Time to rediscover good and evil in life and make a stand for whichever one your heart follows. Perhaps I’m talking about A Life Defined. Hmm, mayhap that shall be a future entry!


Sandy Hook Elementary School. Say no more. Thoughts are with all at this time.


One thought on “Is there an inherent pointlessness in being good / bad?

  1. I sort of agree that there is a cosmic balance, and I have seen enough Karma in my life to know that all the good deeds eventually come back round even when it never occurs to you that they will. All each of us can do is make our little corner of the world a gentle, caring place that is all the better for our treatment of others living in the same sphere. Maybe that way kids won’t grow up so angry and bitter that they turn against the innocent in their communities. …. And maybe America will finally do something about their stupid gun laws and put the right to life above the right to arms.

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