Vacant Vortex

I have just sat here, in front of the glowing screen that is making my tired eyes water as if tomorrow had run out of favour, dredging through the silt of my mind to find something vaguely interesting to blog about.

It hasn’t gone well!

I have been sucked into the Vacant Vortex that exists between the decent websites with pages that contain items and information that I actually would consider worthwhile reading and, (oxford comma notwithstanding), those that have no real need to exist, save for the ego’s of their creators. I admit I have been frittering away the remnants of decent vision upon mind-numbingly dull sites of minimal interest to anyone, save those who want to know about 70’s polyester slacks, cheese riddled 80’s horror movies and plop-ups, and my life has dribbled away into the gap between my keyboard and mouse in such a way as to make me feel a complete WordPress failure.

Just a thought, doesn’t every website exist because of someone’s ego,including mine as well?

Darned logic…


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