Perception is purely a personal concept and not one that can be shared.

Every sense, be it sight, smell, touch, taste, even hearing, is entirely unique and owned only by one person. Each individual encounters this earthly plane on their own terms and, as such, is utterly alone in their experience of the world and matters beyond. Such a simple truth is commonly missed by the majority of the human race, bewildered as they are by the myriad complexities of life itself and the interconnections of experience that they encounter on a daily basis, week in week out, for their entire minuscule lives. Yet it is just such a truth that needs must be explored  in the name of science and understanding in order that seekers of truth are able to better  come to terms with the fragility of life. 

Such an individual was Andrew McGrew, brother of Pew and Barnaby, late of Wisconsin and all early into adulthood, though through no choice or fault of their own. Their collective lives had been greatly sped up by the untimely death of their great aunt and, because of the nature of probate and the various misguided individuals of the councils involved in the dissection and dissolution of her will, they had the misfortune of being ensconced in their Great aunt’s house with no intrinsic means of power or heat. A fine mess, the situation was called and, in fairness to the state and to their own ingenuity, the brothers had managed to wangle a small portable generator that ran on petrol to use as a light source in the otherwise decrepit and derelict property. 

The first evening arrived in a flurry of clouds, rainfall and baggage, and it soon saw the three brothers laughing heartily at their own fears…


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